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Special thanks to everyone who boarded the Blackstone Valley Explorer Riverboat this year and made it one of our most successful years ever.

Please stay tuned for 2016 dates and
ticket sale info.

A One-of-a-Kind Experience Aboard the
Blackstone Valley Explorer Riverboat!

Join us as our 40 passenger tour boat brings you along for an intriguing and relaxing 45 minute long nature cruise down the Blackstone River. Come see the beauty of our nation’s hardest working river and learn its ecology and history. You will hear stories of the people from the entire Blackstone Valley, and may even get a chance to see the swan, heron, hawks, and turtles that live along this renewed waterway.

Over the last 22 years, the Blackstone Valley Explorer Riverboat has brought hundreds of thousands of people on board, both young and old, to see the Blackstone River from a fresh perspective…to learn and discover a place that was once forgotten.

Each trip is a new experience for you and your family to enjoy!

Great for private charters too!